Unleash your inner Viixen, ladies! Sasha is here to change the fashion game. As a Russian-born and Israel/Montreal bred creative queen, Sasha transformed her passion for online shopping and her innate sense of style to ultimately create her own fashion brand and online luxury boutique. Her vision is all about empowering women and making them feel confidently beautiful in her sexy yet sophisticated exclusive collections. This is what Shop Viixen is all about!


ShopViixen embodies Sasha’s true vision of both classy elegance and sexy sophistication. Every piece of her collection is carefully curated and hand-selected by Sasha from all over the world. The quality of materials and production are crucial to her brand as she tries on each piece before accepting it as part of her exclusive collection. Her primary objective is to streamline the process of online shopping by creating a seamless and exceptional experience that allows women to see how her pieces accurately fit through product videos and analytical descriptions.

Sasha is extremely passionate about who she is, what she does, and what she stands for, so it’s only natural that her fashion ethics reflect her style as well. ShopViixen is 100% animal friendly and you will never find any fur or leather in her collections, unless its origin has been 100% verified as cruelty-free. Hurting our animal friends is simply not something Viixens stand for! 


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